SonicWall NSSP 12400 – Appliance Only

The SonicWall Network Security services platform (NSsp) 12000 series takes a modern approach to threat detection and prevention by combining cloud intelligence with appliance-based protection in a scalable, high-speed platform.

High Lights:

  • Recommended for 2500+ User Network
  • Threat Protection Throughput: 17.0 Gbps
  • Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels: 25000
  • Concurrent Sessions: 16,000,000


SonicWall NSsp 12000 firewalls provide advanced threat detection and prevention services by combining SonicWall Capture Labs threat intelligence with scalable appiance-based security. Designed with large enterprises in mind, the SonicWall NSsp platform uses advanced deep learning capabilities through the Capture Cloud to in order to constantly evolve and prevent the most advanced threats without slowing network performance.

SonicWall Advanced Security Features

  • Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) scans deep memory for elusive malware
  • Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) scans deep memory for elusive malware
  • Cloud-based threat prevention backed by real-time threat data
  • Decryption & inspection of TSL/SSL traffic at lightning quick speeds
  • Designed with multiple security cores for high-speed security processing power
  • Threat intelligence backed by SonicWall’s Capture Labs research team
  • Simplify network control, management, & visibility without hiring additional IT

Powerful SonicOS operating system

  • Application intelligence & control
  • Network segmentation with VLANs
  • High-speed wireless security
  • Easy deployment, setup & ongoing management

Capture Cloud Platform

SonicWall’s Capture Cloud Platform delivers cloud-based threat prevention & network management plus reporting & analytics for organizations of any size. The platform consolidates threat intelligence gathered from multiple sources including our award-winning multi-engine network sandboxing service, Capture Advanced Threat Protection, as well as more than 1 million SonicWall sensors located around the globe.

Advanced threat protection

At the center of SonicWall automated, real-time breach prevention is SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection service, a cloud-based multi-engine sandbox that extends firewall threat protection to detect & prevent zeroday threats. Suspicious files are sent to the cloud where they are analyzed using deep learning algorithms with the option to hold them at the gateway until a verdict is determined. The multi-engine sandbox platform, which includes Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection, virtualized sandboxing, full system emulation & hypervisor level analysis technology, executes suspicious code & analyzes behavior. When a file is identified as malicious, it is blocked & a hash is immediately created within Capture ATP.

Soon after, a signature is sent to firewalls to prevent follow-on attacks. The service analyzes a broad range of operating systems & file types, including executable programs, DLL, PDFs, MS Office documents, archives, JAR & APK.



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